Let the basic needs of the human life – food, clothes, shelter, medical care – let them be free from the poisons of the human mind, greed and fear. Let them be kept away. Let nobody’s fear and greed exploit these four.

 One great thing I found in the western countries, especially America, United States of America, the great thing is the majority of the hospitals are non-profit organizations. I am so happy about it! I am so happy about it! But the pharmaceutical industry is not non-profit. In India it is the other way: The majority of the hospitals are “for profit” entities, but much of the medicines are available very less price. The basic things of life should be kept out of the human mind’s madness. In India, the Vedic Tradition, the Upanishadic period, pharmaceutical industry and the hospitals, both were non-profit, completely non-profit. Both were under the non-profit sector.

 Anywhere the person, human mind intervenes; the truth is either diluted or killed. Knowledge was always a non-profit in India. In the Vedic tradition knowledge was always non-profit and there was insistence of knowledge being non-profit and Guru begging and feeding the disciples. Knowledge in the non-profit sector kept the purity of knowledge, because….. See the fear is neither socially nor legally accepted madness of humanity but unfortunately greed has become legalised madness of humanity.