Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Thane was the strongest tropical cyclone of 2011 within the North Indian Ocean hitting the Tamil Nadu coast near Puducherry, India. SHRIKAILASA’S Global Initiative lead by His Divine Holiness was one of the first to immediately organize FLOOD RELIEF EFFORTS TO BESTOW SECURITY, ORDER, PEACE AND BLESSINGS during the immediate aftermath of Cyclone Thane.

His Divine Holiness personally on the ground at the epicentre of the disaster, setting an example by working tirelessly and without sleep, distributing free food & blanket for thousands of people affected by the Thane cyclone.
Food preparation happening in full scale to feed hundreds of thousands of people in Pondicherry
100,000 people fed.
Food was distributed to the Thane cyclone hit areas. Over one hundred thousand villagers received free food.
24×7 food was distributed by volunteers as well as His Divine Holiness himself.
Devotees and Volunteers from all over Tamilnadu gathered to be part of this SHRIKAILASA’S Global Initiative to serve victims of Thane cyclone. 

Volunteers from around the world including USA, Canada, Europe, also immediately flew in to support.
His Divine Holiness got to the ground and prepared the food. Of course, the food
became scared Prasad and had healing effects on the victims of the Thane cyclone.
As part of this flood reliefInitiative and efforts to bestow security, peace and blessings JCB’s and heavy machinery was also hired, which cleaned and cleared the cyclone hit areas day and night.
Doctors of SriKailasa continuously offer consultations and provide necessary medicines during the free medical camps to the victims of the Thane cyclone.
Free medical camps in at least 50 places all over the affected state reaching out and benefiting hundreds of thousands of people.
Volunteers of SHRIKAILASA’ Global Initiative continue the medical camps day and night so that people can continue be served
Dinatanthi. A top-selling newspaper in Tamilnadu published an article on the disaster relief services done by SHRIKAILASA’S Global Initiative.