A major disaster hit India during the floods in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in December 2009. SHRIKAILASA’S Global Initiative of Disaster Relief offered emergency response providing Relief, Food, Medical Services, and Spiritual Counseling to Those Hit Hardest by Natural Disasters.

Distribution of food and blankets to thousands of people affected by flood in Dec 2009 in Karnataka
Victims of the Dec 2009 flood were given free medical consultation by Doctors volunteers of SHRIKAILASA’S Global Initiative
Representatives of SHRIKAILASA’S Global Initiative met with the Chief Minister of Karnataka State to handover donation to the Chief Minister Relief Fund.

As part of SHRIKAILASA’S Global Initiative in response to the emergency relief Building of Homes for as many as 120 families who had lost their homes due to the December 2009 Flood in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh state were given new shelter.