Policy on Food


Anna Dhan

Upanishads say clearly – Annam Bahu Kurvita Annam Na Nindyaath Tat Vratam

Food is the easiest way to spread positive energy

Anyone who visits our ashrams, temples or centers around the world, does not leave without having prasad (energized food). Well balanced pure vegetarian food that meets any normal child/adults normal nutritional needs is served freely to everyone who comes to the ashram.

As per the glorious tradition of Vedic culture, free food is served through out the day to all visitors in the form of Prasad (energized and food that is blessed by offering to the Divine) at the Anna Mandirs around the world. Meals are also served in schools, colleges and to the poor and needy in rural areas. Mobile Anna Mandir’s serve meals in Mass meditation camps.

On an average, we are serving 10,000 free meals a day in our Anna Mandir’s across the world. Next to Love and peace the third and the most important quality pre-eminently necessary for a human being is the act of charity – particularly Anna daan. While there is always a desire for more when monetary or other forms of charity are made, feeding a hungry being gives complete satisfaction to the receiver, and of course, the giver also.

Some statistics: Thousands of poor, visitors, mendicants (wandering sadhus) and devotees are served free food at Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Adheenam in Tiruvannamalai. On special occasions like full moon days, festivals etc., at least one lakh people (100 thousand) people are served in all our ashrams.