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River Ganga is Self Purifying

Varanasi, Mar 07, 2014
If you decide to stop, ‘Today we will stop all pollution’, tomorrow the Ganga is completely clean! Because, one day’s water is enough to clean the whole Ganga of all the pollution! Because we are continuously polluting, the Ganga is polluted. The Ganga is not polluted by one action; it is by the continuous pollution, understand. We all forget this important obvious fact. We are go on saying, ‘Ganga is polluted! Ganga is polluted! Ganga is polluted!’ It is actually, ‘Ganga is “getting” polluted! Ganga is “getting” polluted! Ganga is “getting” polluted! “Polluted” is not past-tense. We should use the word “getting polluted”; past-continuous tense. Because of continuous pollution, Ganga is polluted. Otherwise, the very nature of Ganga, you cannot pollute it! If it is just once, you can’t pollute it; it purifies itself. Same way, your “Vaak”. You are continuously telling lies; that is why your “Vaak” remains polluted! Even if you stop one day lying, by its very nature your “Vaak”, will clean itself, it will complete itself!

Ganga and “Vaak” are one and the same. Just if you declare today, ‘O, Vaak Devi…’ “Vaak” is described as a feminine energy – Vaak Devi. She is one of the “mantrinis” of Sharada, Saraswathi. ‘O, Vaak Devi, today I declare I complete with you, and all the incompletions I created in you, I am completing. From now I will live Integrity. I will be in the space of Integrity. If I miss, I will immediately complete and align myself to you. O, Vaak Devi, you reside in my Vaak auspiciously.’ This one request and Completion is enough! Declaration is enough! She is already alive, you are pure! Again don’t pollute; that is the only thing.

Understand, Ganga does not get polluted by the past pollution; it is getting polluted by continuous pollution. If all of us decide from today no more pollution of Ganga, you don’t need a separate cleaning mechanism; she is a self-cleaning mechanism! It takes just one season!

Kailasa’s Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam
Nithya Satsangh, Varanasi, 07 March 2014
The Power of Vaak Siddhi: You Can Make Your Words Come True https://youtu.be/FokSkBHl61I?t=1428

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