Educational Policy


· His Holiness follows the ideology of “Knowledge is free.” His organizations worldwide provide free primary, secondary and university level education.

· Paramahamsa Nithyananda has inspired a global Vedic renaissance, through Nithya Satsang – spiritual gatherings aimed at creating positive and harmonious vibrations, at the individual and global level. Members of the Nithyananda Mission gather daily in their own cities and Paramahamsa Nithyananda himself conducts the powerful Nithya Satsang every morning, relayed live across the world, and viewed online in over 60 countries through two-way video conferencing and internet television.

· Specially designed meditation programs as the first step for realizing peace at the individual level and a unique system of yoga called Nithyananda Yoga for realizing the inherent inner bliss.

· Mass and home satsangs (spiritual gatherings) aimed at creating positive and harmonious vibrations at the individual and global level.

· Public discourses given Number of hours of discourses in past 15 years > 30,000 hrs Volume of video discourses created > 1 PetaByte Youtube – 6000 hours, 35.68 million of watched hours, 41.4 million views, 247

countries, 127,000 subscribers

Nithyananda TV – 24-hr free online spiritual television network founded in 2010 with hundreds of millions of views. Facebook – 1.1 million followers, > 1 million likes

· His Holiness has revived the Hindu way of education – Gurukul – which is based on the tenets of creating enlightened children. A few thousand students all over the world are educated partly or completely based on this education system that integrates regular schooling with learning the cosmic principles and vedic sciences such as the Science of Oneness, and manifesting powers.

· He established the Nithyananda Gurukul in 2006, an in-house residential Gurukul in the Bengaluru Aadheenam. Hundreds of children from around the world are guided and nurtured to be the future leaders of humanity who will serve the world through spiritual powers.

· 35% of children at the Gurukul have IQ scores above 130 – „Gifted Category‟ as per the SLOSSON IQ SCORE. 50% of the students are studying 1 to 3 years ahead of their age in school.

· Thousands of children worldwide attend the Nithyananda Weekend Gurukul SM near their homes, imbibing the ancient Spiritual Sciences and Powerful Cognitions taught to them.

· He has initiated 100,000 students into the power of Third Eye Awakening thereby awakening the whole brain leading to significant increase in memory, intuition, creativity, clarity and confidence.

· The initiated students travel worldwide as peace ambassadors demonstrating over 1000 places per year the powerful science of Third Eye Awakening, healing thousands from physical and mental ailments, providing life solutions, thereby showing tangibly the possibilities of powerful fulfilled peaceful living.

· Nithyananda University is the world‟s Largest Hindu University. It has: 270,000+ enrollments, 2,700+ courses, 550+ faculty, 350+ campuses and centers in 150+ nations, pursuing certificate, diploma, degree and doctorate courses in various branches of Hinduism.

· Library having: – More than 70,000 titles on Hinduism, Performing Arts, Culture, Architecture,

Hindu History and Society. – Collection of more than 15TB digital Books and manuscripts, special collection on Kashmir Shaivism, and various other rare manuscripts, books from ancient Mutts and Ashrams – Online repository of more than 14500 palm-leaf manuscripts online for free

downloads – Recognised and located more than 4,00,000 titles on Spirituality, Veda-Agama, Hindu Art and Architecture, Hindu Performing Arts, Hindu Sciences, and various other branches of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. – Developed Indological knowledge classification system that provides 30000

different categories to catalogue any book from Hinduism.

– Developed world‟s best unique search engine tool with the ability to phonetically

search irrespective of the spelling of the text present in the content. – Developed bi-lingual text recognition OCR that can simultaneously recognise

more than one script from a Document, which will be patented soon – Developed a unique search engine which can search content inside video, which

makes video content more user-friendly and easy to access the content

· Founded Nithyananda University Press in the year 2003.

· Nithyananda University Publications – Authored 336 books in 26 global languages

· Groundbreaking and revolutionary books on His commentaries that are revelations about the VedaAgamas, Upanishads, Shiva Sutras, Jain Sutras, Yoga Sutras, Ashtavakra Gita and Bhagavat Gita, among others, delivered in the most user-friendly way for the contemporary man to manifest as reality in his life.

· A unique series of scriptural books on Nithyananda Yoga, as revealed by AdiYogi Sadashiva comprehensively researched and mapped, presenting for the first time, authentic Yoga with over 1008 scriptural evidences called Shastra Pramana – from the Vedagama, and Apta Pramana – the enlightened experiences of the Enlightened Yogis, Rishis, and incarnations. It includes over 200 + Yogic postures (Asanas) illustrated, 350+ Yogic breathing (Pranayama), breath-holding techniques (Kumbhakas), Yogic hand gestures (Mudras), Yogic body-locking (Bandhas), withdrawing from the five senses (Pratyahara), Yogic centering (Dharana), truth revealed when flowing into it (Dhyana), being in state of oneness (Samadhi), Energized syllables (Mantras), and Yogic physiology, Yogic Lifestyle, Yogic Diet, Yogic purification techniques.

· Complete Works of MahaSadashiva – Locating, acquiring, collecting, producing, preserving, spreading the VedaAgamas to the world; and decoding and mapping (authentic translations) of Sanskrit into English from rare scripts such as Devanagiri, Grantha etc.; launching a website that contains terabytes of research on VedaAgamas, freely available to the world.

· Spiritual Media Productions with 500 discourses of His Holiness and spiritual music albums.

· Inspired Hinduism Now online magazine with 226,000 followers – one of the largest online Hindu magazines (,